Can I return/exchange my DAE Lead®?

No. All sales are final. Purchases are not eligible for return or exchange.

Is my DAE Lead® covered by a warranty?
Yes, we warranty our leads from product defects for one year from date of purchase. We will repair or replace defective material at no cost to you. Defects do not include normal wear and tear to leashing material or scratches, marking and/or chipping to metal finishes. Nor does it cover damage to material or hardware from dog bites or chewing. For additional questions about the warranty replacement process, email us at Rebecca@hundhausdesigns.com

Do you offer bulk/wholesale pricing?
Yes! Direct all bulk pricing inquires to Rebecca@hundhausdesigns.com

How do I clean and/or disinfect my DAE Lead®?
Our synthetic PVC material is easy-to-clean and sanitize making the DAE Lead® a perfect choice for doggy daycare, veterinary practices and dog breeders/groomers/boarders. Simply, clean the leash with soap and water and pat dry. Or, spray with non-alcohol based disinfectant, such as Lysol.  DO NOT use hand sanitizer on the lead (i.e.,purell) as the alcohol can stiffen the material and compromise the grip texture.