The DAE Lead® Difference

Our mission at HundHaus Designs LLC is to help you live the best life with your dog. And since dogs and leashes go hand-in-hand, the heart of our development is in reinventing your leashing experience.

Our “Get a Grip” DAE Lead® is not just another take on the old classic. This lead was designed to solve common design problems with the conventional leash. Our DAE Lead®:

Enhances your grip without hurting your hands.
Walk your dog without fear that the leash will slip out or give you an abrasion burn common with nylon, rope or leather leashes. The specialty textured PVC material gives you a strong vice-like grip with an exceptionally soft feel.

Encourages the correct hand position.
“Wrist wrap” injuries are common in dog owners who slip the conventional handle onto their wrist in an effort to have a more secure grip on the leash. We scaled down the handle dimension to an ergonomic thumb loop to help prevent these injures.

Isn’t too long or too short.
The conventional 6ft leash is an arbitrary length driven by leash laws. And it is, in our opinion, too long. The second most common length, the 4ft leash, is too short. When we sat down to design our lead, we came up with the “perfect” length — just long enough to give a “loose” leash feel, but not so long that you have to gather up lots of extra material in your hand.

Isn’t just another “pretty face.”
Leashes are made in a variety of colors and textiles. But when you look past the aesthetics, the most modern looking leash still has the same functional flaws listed above. Our lead is both stylish and includes modern FUNCTIONAL features to help you multi-task life with your dog. Wearing the leash, instead of holding it when your dog is off-leash, and being able to convert the lead to an integrated choker+leash makes life with a leash a whole lot easier.

Is made of durable material from U.S. suppliers.