Our Story

How we became HundHaus Designs

Rebecca met Shawn the way many people do — a dog mom desperately seeking a dog trainer’s help for her puppy Misty. At 6 months old, the giant-breed Leonberger was having serious issues — terrified of everything, out of control on a leash and growling at the family as if she was ready to bite.

It was the efforts to transform Misty by training with Shawn that lead Rebecca to design the first iteration of their patent pending hands-free leashing system. She sketched her idea into a notebook, bought what was needed to put together a makeshift prototype, and started to use it with Misty. At her next lesson, she blurted out excitedly like a kid who brings home an A on a school assignment, “I have something to show you!” Shawn completely dismissed it. “I don’t want to see it” were his exact words. Grab your leash and get Misty outside.

But once outside he immediately saw the difference in Misty. Rebecca and Misty were walking together. She was under control, prancing by her side. Her attention, focused on Rebecca.

Knowing how much Rebecca struggled with dog training, he pretty quickly asked “how did you get this out of her?” He then asked if Rebecca was working with another trainer. She laughed and said, “No. I’ve been using this 'thing' I just tried to show you to do your homework. ”

It took many more moments, just like that one, but eventually a very skeptical Shawn did look at what Rebecca created. Rebecca asked Shawn to work on the idea with her ... she knew it was Shawn's talents both as a dog trainer and as a craftsman, that was needed to turn her idea into a working prototype for dogs and their owners from all backgrounds ... big, small, house pet or working k9.

Intrigued by the progress she had made with her "hands-free leash," progress that she couldn't achieve with a traditional hand-held leash, he agreed to work on the idea with her.

They met on an August afternoon for their first “working session” … reviewing the initial prototype and sketches and brainstorming new ideas and changes Shawn wanted to include. They worked together until they had a new design that was truly functionally better than the first. Shawn then took some leashes and collars out of his truck, cut them up and “taped” together a working prototype of the improved design — and HundHaus Designs was officially born.

It was in the process of completing the prototyping for the "hands-free leash" that they came up with the design for the Get a Grip DAE lead ... their first product on the market. They found the textured PVC material and initially purchased several feet to use with the hands-free leash but the material was too thick and didn't work. In love with the feel and grip of the material in-hand, they decided to use it to redesign the traditional leash from "tip to tail" fixing all the things they hated with a traditional leash. And the Get a Grip leash was born.

More about Shawn

Shawn is founder of Dogs Are Easy Professional Dog Training. As a Master Behavioral Dog Trainer for more than 20 yrs, Shawn uses his extensive background to create balance in the dog-human relationship by providing real world training solutions to people and their dogs from all backgrounds and breeds. From “everyday” pet owners, to rescue groups, to professional working K9 units, to the President of the United States, Shawn has successfully problem-solved and modified the behavior of dogs in every type of environment and lifestyle. Read more about his dog training background at www.dogsareeasy.com

Shawn currently serves as the Public Affairs Officer for the United Stated Police Canine Association, Region 7. He is a retired Military Police Sergeant, serving active duty with the U.S. Army post 9-11, where he used his civilian protection dog and bite training expertise to assist in homeland security operations.

Next to dogs, Shawn’s second love is American muscle cars. The son of an auto body repair and painting specialist, Shawn grew up fixing and building cars. He currently owns and personally restored a 1968 AMX called “Plan B,” which was his parents’ family car when Shawn was young. The brawler has won numerous car show awards and was recently featured in Hot Rod Magazine. He is also a skilled woodworker and welder.

Shawn's pack includes his German Sherpard pups Dyno and Nova. You can follow him @dogsareeasy_dogtraining

More about Rebecca

Rebecca is owner of DeLuccia Group LLC, a boutique communication consulting firm. An award-winning strategist, writer and designer, she specializes in brand development, visual storytelling, and HR and change communication.

Part communicator, part business consultant, part learning specialist, Rebecca uses her multi-disciplinary skill-set to help clients articulate the core goals of a project and then use strategies that grab attention, connect emotionally, facilitate understanding and stimulate action — all while being visually appealing.

Rebecca is also an adjunct professor at Montclair State University — having spent her entire professional career teaching and coaching individuals on personal communication skills. She is know for her unique brain-based approach to overcoming speech anxiety, combining learning outcomes with communication goals, developing authentic delivery skills, and structuring messages to accomplish a combination of narrative, informative and persuasive communication outcomes.

Rebecca is the great-granddaughter of early 1900s American inventor and radio manufacturer Roy E. Thompson, whose inventions earned several U.S. patents before his company closed in 1927.

Rebecca's pack includes her Leonberger pups Misty, Lulu and Tig. You can follow their adventures @agirlandherleos