"Double Trouble" 2-Connection Grip Leash WIDE (Large/XL Dog)
"Double Trouble" 2-Connection Grip Leash WIDE (Large/XL Dog)

"Double Trouble" 2-Connection Grip Leash WIDE (Large/XL Dog)

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Our Get A Grip Leash designed for use with a head halter ... 

An integrated 2-point double snap hook connection works as a primary attachment to the head halter and a backup attachment to a neck color. A single slide loop adjusts along the color band to adjust the length between buckles for the perfect fit.

When the backup attachment is not needed, pull the slide loop to the other side and attach the second hook to the o-ring fixed on the leash body and VOILA ... you now have a second handle at the base of the grip leash. Using both hands to hold your leash will evenly distribution any force from jolts or pulls across your body ... a perfect choice if one side/arm is weaker than the other due to injury or arthritis.

You can also use the fixed o-ring to attach a poop bag holder.  

If you are ever tired of the backup color band, simply cut it off and use as a pull tab. 

Available with a base leash choice of 3/4 wide black or brown grip material plus more than 17 accent colors. Standard snap hooks are Matte Nickel with Black and Bronze with Brown. 

Custom color combinations available!!!! Instructions below:

1. Pick the primary color for the backup color band and checkout.

2. Email me (rebecca@hundhausdesigns.com) your second and/or third color picks to  (1 pick for the o ring color loop and 1 pick for the thumb loop color tab).

3. Email me changes to your primary snap hook ... 3.75 Marine Grade Stainless Hook and 3in Colored Hooks (i.e., Rockstar Red, DAE Lead Blue, Lime, Purple) are available (The smaller secondary hook remains nickel or bronze).    


  • Designed by real world behavioral dog trainer Shawn Stewart and dog mom & designer Rebecca L. DeLuccia for optimal length, hand positioning, grip and durability.
  • Shawn ditched the traditional "6ft length" for his signature measurement creating the perfect loose leash feel without added material.
  • Thumb loop for optimal hand positioning. O-ring on thumb loop allow cross-body wear when not in use with dog. 
  • Each leash is proudly handmade to order in Ramsey, NJ. Allow up to 1-2 weeks for delivery.